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As I ruminate on my sojourn on this earth in the last 33 years of my existence, I am filled with indescribable gratitude.

On December 21, 1988, a destiny child named Inibehe (Time Has Not Passed) was born into this world.

Today, I am excited to celebrate my 33rd birthday, not only with joy and happiness, but with a clear sense of purpose. Looking at how far God has brought me, it will be unforgivable if I fail, refuse or neglect to exude unreserved gratitude.

My life has not been flawless. Indeed, I have encountered difficulties, and sometimes turbulent experiences. I have made mistakes.

But in all these, I remain grateful to God Almighty, my Dear Mother, my beloved family, dependable friends, associates, clients and every person who has contributed to my successes in the last 33 years.

As I mark the anniversary of my birth today, it is my pleasure to recommit my life to the cause of the oppressed. I shall neither renege nor capitulate on my fight and advocacy for egalitarian society, equity, human rights, justice, rule of law and accountability.

This is the purpose of my life, and I shall do all that I can to advance it.

Happy Birthday, Inibehe Effiong.

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