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Celebrity Birthday: It’s my new age of blessings, greatness and exploits – Kimberly

The joy of the CEO of Kim’s Hair Kulture, Kimberly N. Sibanda knows no bounds as she marks her birthday today December 14, 2021.

She took to her social media handles, early in the morning, to bare her grateful heart.

In her own words, “To God alone be all the glory, honour and praises for ever and ever.

“I am Thankful & Grateful for God’s gift of life.
Thankful for a new age! Thankful for everything!

“I’ve come into a newest age of blessings greatness and exploits!

“I just crossed another bridge. Now, I’ve come in touch with a new level of happiness. My birthday this year is a blessing I’ve been longing for. This wonderful day is a route that leads to eternal joy, unfailing strength, and good health. My fears are gone and my worries are buried. I dreamt of age this far. Today, it’s all a beautiful reality. Happy birthday to me. It is indeed a new dawn.”

Kimberly is winsomly charming, light-hearted and strikingly beautiful. She’s lively, joyful and delightful.

She’s so easy to be and relate with. It is not difficult to win her approval. This makes people feel comfortable around this remarkably shining young lady.

Her aesthetically pleasing, brilliant, flashy yet humble personality attracts everyone to her.

In a style that appears interestingly poetic, she exclaimed: “You’re blessed forever, Kimberly Mpumelelo Sibanda! Amen You will live long and declare the good works of the Lord in your life.”

Kimberly has a song of faith for her birthday:

I know who I am,
I am born of God, I know what to do,
I am the future,
I am unstoppable, Nothing can stop me,
I am the City that is set upon the hill top
I am the light of the world
Upward and forward
I am on fire
Nothing can stop me oh!
Nothing can stand me oh!
I have Jesus in my life, living for his Glory
And Nothing can stop me it doesn’t matter what I face,
I am getting bigger and bigger everyday..

Multifaceted and hardworking, Kimberly is the CEO of a couple of brands that handle: Interior & Exterior designs,
Interior Decor,
Facility Management,
General Contractor, and
Events planner.

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Kimberly released stunning images of her pretty self, hair-styled by Kim’s Hair Kulture.

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