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Since the Truth was dethroned and deceits enthroned for over 200 years, Northern Nigeria especially the Hausa Land has been a den of thieves, robbers and blood sucking demons. Can you remember a year that came and gone without innocent human lives been wasted? There is no society that will survive in an atmosphere of utter disdain for the sanctity of human life. Bloodshed was the foundation upon which many kingdoms and offices where established. Lies have been used to lay the foundation of most of the miseries we suffer today. Our states and communities have buried the culture of value for human lives on the basis of religious or tribal differences. When evil people get what they want, the people get brainwashed with the cliché that ‘God’ gives power to whosoever he wills. And when the evil ones could not find their ways into getting what they want, they resort to violence, and evil campaigns mostly centered along religious or tribal differences. No place on earth where evil and mediocrity are celebrated like this region. Everything evil thrives when given religious connotations, and so we lost the control of the future.

Northern Nigeria is a multilingual and multiethnic community. Yet no one is respected, and given a chance to live and feel belong if the person is not a Muslim. Certain offices and opportunities are never given to Non Muslims no matter how competent they are. Even among the Muslims, if you’re not a Fulani Man or Woman, you are not considered eligible for key positions and opportunities. So many indoctrinations and propaganda have been sponsored and used to cage people in mediocrity and slavery. Anyone who stands for the truth and desires to call a spade a spade does that at the expense of his life or her life, and so the truth became so scarce. The denial of the truth is a resort to live in pains and misery and the end is usually doomed.

The human life is the value and prestige of every society and any society devoid of this truth will never live in Peace.

When lives and properties were killed and destroyed in different communities in Plateau State, Benue and Southern Kaduna, many Northern Muslims and their leaders rejoice publicly. The life of a Fulani terrorist is considered more valuable and sacred than the life of any saint anywhere in Northern Nigeria. The government of the day and the leadership of the Fulani Miyetti Allah have sponsored so much propaganda both locally and internationally to support the killing spree of the Fulani terrorists.

Many people asked us why are the Hausa people killed and their communities destroyed by the Fulani terrorists even though some of them are Muslims? Well, in reality the Hausa People have been enslaved by the Fulani right from the Deceptive Campaign of the Usman Danfodio and so they only live to do the biddings of their self-imposed slave masters. The Fulani bandits and their sponsors never liked the Hausa people even for a day. The name Hausa was deliberately tarnished by the Fulani bandits and their Masters before the face of the world especially the Southern and northern Christians of Nigeria. All the atrocities committed in the north were attributed to the Hausa people while the real ones behind the scene are not the Hausa people. Religion has been used to enslave the entire Hausa land and Northern Nigeria at large. They were brainwashed to support all the evil done on others especially the Christians in the name of Religion. Now the truth behind everything is clearly exposed before everyone but not without the same Hausa people paying heavily with their lives. The Hausa people became a threat to their so called slave masters when they became bold enough to disassociate themselves from the atrocities of the Fulani terrorists. This is the simple reason that the entire Hausa land is under the siege and spells of the so called Fulani bandits. The Hausa States are dearly paying the costly price with their lives for refusing to be used and dumped anymore.

Right now, many Hausa’s have been killed, communities and properties destroyed. They are now refugees in their own ancestral lands, but unfortunately no voice to speak out for them.

It is rather unfortunate that such a horrendous incident happened to the travellers from Sokoto to Kaduna on 6th of December that resulted to the lost of over 40 lives who were roasted in fire in a broad day light. This is quite unfortunate and highly condemnable. It is however high time for the truth to be said. The Nigerian government knows the perpetrators of these evil if at all they don’t have a hand in this evil. From every indication, the government has clearly demonstrated its refusal of the will power to bring this evil to an end. And there is no sign whatsoever that normalcy can be restored anytime soon.

Living in northern Nigeria is only by the help of God, but no body alive has any guaranty of survival. Villages and towns are at the mercy of these evil people. Slavery has forcefully returned and promoted than ever before in our history. Literally, there is no any Hausa man or woman alive that doesn’t know or have one person killed, or kidnapped or communities attacked or destroyed by these evil people.

The bottom line is this, there is no guarantee of living anymore in Northern Nigeria especially the Hausa land. In fact animals have more hope of survival that human beings in this region.

As our heartfelt condolences go to families of all those who lost their beloved ones, homes and properties, We also call upon all and sundry to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. What looks impossible with men is possible with God.

All most remain vigilante always and rise to defend ourselves wherever we are.
Most importantly, return to God for mercy and guidance for the way out.

This sorrow will not last forever. Hausa people must come together irrespective o Of religious differences and be united, champion the course of our freedom and regain and protect our dignity.

We have been used, and dumped for a long time, now is the time to resist evil and become our brothers’ keeper.

May all the shackles of slavery and spells of the evil lose its power over us in Jesus. Amen

God bless Nigeria
God bless Northern Nigeria
God bless the Hausa People


Hausa Christians Foundation (HACFO)

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