Davido’s Birthday: Church bashers forget the poor, industries, roads, and the motherless – Nnatu


Fans of a certain musician raised more than N114 million ($200,000) at least for now as the donation still ongoing for him to clear his Rolls Royce from the ports.

We don’t have any problem with that. You spend your money whichever way you choose.

However, I have been reading Pastor bashers praise him for adding value to his fans and thus deserving his returns. He is reaping what he sowed they say.

Curiously, none of them reminded him that there are many poor people in Nigeria so he could open a food centre to feed the poor.

They forgot to remind him to use the money raised to build factories to cushion the effect of unemployment in the country.

Or that the money should be used to construct roads or donated to motherless babies.

They even forgot to mention that Nigerian hospitals are death traps and advise him accordingly or that he should build tuition free schools for Nigerians.

When I read your Pastor bashing posts I figured that most of you were reacting from deep hate or most times from a place of poverty and ignorance not genuine interest in humanity. You just don’t like the good things that is associated with the present church.

It appears that you are the only ones in position to decide what is “value” or not. You assume the musician is adding value while our Pastors are not adding value to our own lives abi?

In your warped postulation, Pastors that raised billionaires in their churches did not add value so ought to be driving kabu kabu or squatting in ‘face me I slap you’ (slums) or live in the wilderness like Elijah and John the Baptist to show that they serve God.

You want Pastors to look like undertakers or dress like a President of a ‘Great nation’ presiding over a dying or poor group.

You want us to be referred as church rats in reference to the poverty of the old church as evidence that we are doing the work of a poor God.

But we will disappoint you.

We held a meeting yesterday and we the ‘church fans’ have decided to add more private jets to our Pastors and bless those who are yet to buy one with new jets.
Like we always say on Church Gist, the Church of Christ can never satisfy the gates of hell. (No point trying).

If I see you complain then something must be doing your…. (please complete)

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