GUARANTEED: Get unbelievable treatments of skin problems and disorders from Duchess Beautyworld

Duchess Beautyworld is known for it perfection in the skin care. We specialized in the treatment of all skin related problems such #Wrinkles, #Stretch marks, #Sunburn, #Patches, #Black eye zone, #Acute Pimples, #Face burn, #Knuckles, #Ezema, #Bumps, etc.

We also stock skin care products such as #Whitening set, #Brownie set, #Tone set, #Moisturizers, etc., and render other services such as #BodySPA, #FaceSPA, #Liposuction, #Buttenhancement, #Pinklip.

Also available are: Egyptian white scrub, Lightening Black Soap , Body oils.


This procedure helps to open up the facial hair pore extracting the condense oil that can result to clogging which causes Pimples and possible Acne when plucked wrongly. After This exercise, we introduce some essential oils and lost vitamins as a result of the action carried out. Leaving your face tender free from sunburn /Pimples and wrinkles


DUX Oil control Solution is the right treatment of skin irritations such as
*Bikini irritation
*After shave .

It contains friendly active recipes that gently tender your skin from any kind of irritation on the skin surface .

For FAST result :

Prescription (twice daily)
Direction (Use with Cotton wool or spray direct to the skin surface)


The Blueicy Scrub is one of our amazing revealing product made from the finest Egyptian spices that carefully polished the skin to get raid of Pimples, Dark kneels and rough skin. It contains some western herbs 🌿 that gently exfoliate the skin and opens up the air-pore for easy penetration of body care products. Best use for :Body Watch Face SPAETC

DUX Whitening Face Cream

DUX Whitening Face Cream contains high volume of natural plant 🌱 extracts and essential oils that naturally cleans and whitens the face .


Hey there! Do you feel the need to get that clean arms, legs and dark armpit ? Then get one of our DUX knuckles Solution. 7days action. This product has a review of over 70% from our users, you too can testify .


This is the Solution to eradicate stubborn stretch mark as a result of birth/weight loss/Cream/etc. with the help of this Stretch Mark Combo you can forever say goodbye to those irritating lines and tear

Are you a skin whitening lover, yet don’t want to go through the hassle of BODY WASH PROCEDURE…? Then this set of 7days action COMBO is exactly what you need. It will leave you completely speechless. Suitable for all skin types.

This set of 7days action will leave you speechless. Suitable for skin lovers .

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