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Celebrity Birthday: Glory Johnson moves to the fourth floor in grand style, gives 20% off on her cakes.

Way back in 1932, an author named Walter Pitkin popularized the phrase “life begins at 40.” The meaning of that old saying is clear: people turning 40 have plenty of living left to do.

Today, being October 30, 2021 is a great day and opportunity to celebrate an intelligent, admirable, and compassionate person, Mrs Glory Johnson, the CEO of Glow Cakes n More, who understands that a 40th birthday means endless opportunities and infinite chances for even more growth.

From her interactions with Celebsys.com, Glory’s joy knew no bounds in appreciation to God for filling her life with blessings and to others who have impacted her life in different ways.

In here own words: “Happy Ruby Anniversary to me. I am very grateful to the Almighty God for moving me in grand style to the fourth floor.

“Turning 40 for me is a very big deal because I remember the valleys and mountains that God has helped me to cross and climb; it’s been God all the way. I would not be alive if not for the Almighty God.

“I thank God for life. I do not take it for granted that indeed God has been faithful. If it has not been the Lord who has been on my side,..!

“I also thank God for my darling, ima ima (hubby) and my amazing kids, including family and friends, who has been very supportive all the way. My success story would not be complete without them. I want to specially appreciate my friends and loved ones who is making this day special by celebrating me. May God bless and increase them all in all their endeavors.

“Gratitude is all I have as I dance into another decade of God’s faithfulness. I am indeed a product of grace. I wish myself ground breaking breakthroughs as I step into another phase of life. May God continue to surround me with his love and grace in Jesus name. Amen.

Mrs Glory Johnson has a sweet personality. Great to be and easy to relate with, she’s merry, light-hearted and lively.

Glory is equally brilliant, stylish and strikingly beautiful.

Apart from raising an amazing home, her dream which she’s working hard on is to grow her brand, Glow Cakes n More to become one to be reckoned with in providing mouth-watering and sensational cakes, chops and delicious delicacy.

She said, “yes we are into food as well as drinks, parfait, dessert, surprise planning, gift items etc. We make special days indeed special and memorable for our clients, guests and their loved ones.

Mrs Johnson released some stunning images of her beautiful self and products of Glow Cakes n More on sales.

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