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Celebrity Birthday: I’m not holding back any joy today – Afisat

Afisat Rasheed is not holding back any joy today. She would love every minute of today and laugh as much as possible because today October 24, 2021 is her day – a heartfelt Birthday to her!

She’s wishing herself the happiest of birthdays. On this special day, she’s giving all thank to God for the priceless gift of life that He has given her and for the wonderful people He has put in her life.

As she pours her heart, she said, “All my thanks belong to Allah that created me and has made me to witness this day of my life.’

“Happy special birthday to me! Wishing myself a wonderful birthday and coming years filled with longlife, prosperity, progress, Good health, wealth, happiness, peace of mind and many more!”

“A very special birthday to me!”

Afisat Rasheed has a lot of great dream. She told Celebsys, “I’m praying to God that all my special dreams come true. I’m looking to become I wanted topnotch designer brand and stand out in the fashion world. I would want to grow influence through my brand.”

“I hope to be an inspiration younger folks. I want them to see in me the place of hardwork and determination in achieving any set goals. Like I normally tell those of them in direct contact with me, all that glitters are not gold.”

Rasheed is so industrous and diligent. She’s been a Fashion designer and An Organic skin care personnel. She’s also very good in Catering Services. She works her to see her business. She would want to go global, as a matter of dream.

We at Celebsys join the rest of the world, her near and dear ones, to say happiest birthday to Afisat. May your birthday launch you into a season of boundless joy.

Afisat shared some amazing photos of her pretty self.

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