Princess Blessing IfunayaChukwu

“This little Girl is my child”, Princess Blessing IfunayaChukwu clears the air

Princess Blessing IfunayaChukwu has finally cleared the her relationship with her lookalike daughter. The real estate boss made this known through a long and elaborate facebook post on her account. The post reads in full:

A lot of people Ask me who is this little Girl….
Well this little Girl is my child…
Even when I tell people, they don’t believe me so sometimes I don’t bother telling….

I’ve decided to live my truth, this particular story is what I don’t like telling. This is the part of my life that I choose not to tell publicly but I think I have the courage to say it now, but before I start my story let me state that I didn’t have my child out of wedlock I got married at 17,
(below are my wedding pictures).

I did both Traditional and White Wedding and the marriage didn’t last for complete 6months cos he wanted a slave and a punching bag as a wife, I ran away. Each time I run away my parents took me back to him because they thought I was lying.

Not Untill my mum witnessed everything herself he almost beat her black and blue, she brought me back home herself with the support of my dad. My dad personally returned the dowry that was paid.

Trouble started in the marriage when he breached the agreement. Before i accepted the marriage he promised in the presence of my family and elders that he will put me in school because I already wrote jamb.

He met me like today… he paid my dowry in 2 days’ time, because he was from the same village with us and my family knows his family.

Even though I told my parents that I don’t know this guy and I don’t love him they said love will come and that it’s normal.

My mum married at 16 so because it worked for her she felt it will work for me too. Within 3 weeks we were done with both white wedding and traditional wedding.

After the marriage, Jamb result came out and I made it. I wanted to study law in Unizik, he said over his dead body will I go to school; that I have to finish having kids before school which didn’t go down well with me. I felt used used because this was not the agreement. And I was already like a month pregnant

Not like my dad wasn’t capable of sending me to school but they believe in early marriage and then suitors were coming for me every December each time we travel for Xmas because I’m too tall so one could think I’m an adult.

So much happened; so much that I thought of taking my own life while pregnant. My life was so messed up at that age. Each time I call my friends it’s either they were in school already or planing to.

Sometimes I get kicked in my stomach sometimes I pass out cos of beating. The hospital where I had my child in Abuja have my records, Dara clinics Garki Abuja, at some point when I go to hospital I don’t want to go back home

At some point the doctor had to call my mum and adviced her to come pick me that I’m too small to go through all these…(that’s before she witnessed what she witnessed)

I don’t regret having my child even though I hated the father. I loved her right from when the doctor said I was pregnant of course she didn’t stop me from going to school. I made sure I went back to school.

I mean when you have someone who look up to you, you won’t have no choice than to chase the bag.

I’ve always been there for her. I got admission 1year after I had her, thanks to my late mum who made it easy by taking care of her for me till she was 4. I took her back to Abuja while still in school.

I never gave up, even though the father was no where in her life till today. At some point I took him to court because people were like “take him to court for child’s support” but our system is so fucked up that it favors only the rich.

He ended up frustrating my life with the help of his lawyer cos I had none. I couldn’t afford one, even the lawyer that was helping me for free at some point got tired too. So we decided to settle out of court. I was not even upto 20.

He said he was going to help raise the child on one condition, he stated…

“I will take care of her and rent you guys an apartment but I will be coming there every weekend and leave on Monday “

Which I blatantly refused cos it was just like still married to him..

I took it upon myself to raise my child with him or without him. I said to myself “how can I be begging someone to take care of his child”

I moved on….during the journey, most times things gets tough that I find it difficult to pay my school fee and that of my child and each time I call him he will tell me to come back that is his only condition before he can help.

I didn’t call him for help again till after 7yrs which was last year which I made sure I put it in voice recording I told him,

“your daughter will enter secondary school this year and I’ve been the one paying her school fees since she was born. This is the school I found for her and their entrance fee is 600k. If we can split the bills you pay half I pay half (even though I know he’s able to pay the fees with no stress).

He said “he will think about it” (really? Thinking about it to pay your own child’s fees?).

After 2 days he called back and gave exact same conditions…

I just dropped the call because it’s obvious that after 11years dude is still very Heartless.

Through out this years he struggled to get someone like me, all to no avail. He’s marrying the 4th if not the 5th wife now.

He went as far as going to my kindred to marry someone from the same kindred with me, that bears same name with me, all to spite me, that particular marriage is gone and forgotten

Each time I look at my daughter I look at all I’ve been through, she’s my compensation I didn’t gain anything in that marriage but I gained her,I left with nothing but I left with her.

He said I will be frustrated and come back begging. It’s 12 years now I’m yet to be back.
I remember when he told me
“you’re too Ambitious”. All because I wanted to go to school.

If this incident has not affected me psychologically then I’m lying.

Early Marriage is a NO NO!!!! Allow your Daughters to be able to make their own choice.
A yes of a 17 year old is not the same as a Yes of a 25year old.

Princess Blessing IfunayaChukwu realeases these stunning images of her’s and her daughter

Princess Blessing IfunayaChukwu

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