Celebrity Birthday

“I remember the day you were born”, Similoluwa’s mom overjoyed on her birthday

Today 28 August, 2021, Mrs Oluwatope Dorcas, an outstanding classroom teacher, could not cover or control her joy as her amazing daughter, OLUWATOPE MOSINMILOLUWA JEMIMA turns one

She has the following nastalgic expressions to make as birthday wishes poured in from near and dear ones on Similoluwa :

“I remember the day you were born and I was so happy! I’m happier to see you growing you.

“The moment I saw your face, I was in love and this is a celebration of the day you started your life.

“Today we celebrate the birth of our family’s star , Similoluwa, and I hope she knows how special she is!

“We are wishing her a memorable birthday and we pray this will never be her last birthday on earth…. Similoluwa, you will live to witness more in good health and wealth….. You will always be a good example unto others…. A happy birthday from dad and mum”

She also siezed the opportunity to share very stunning images of Similoluwa.

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