Meet Queen Annie, FreeFreshFish (FFF) festival strongest contender

This is Anna Enai, popularly known and addressed as Queen Annie. She hails from Okpokwu LGA of Benue State. Idoma by tribe, the elegant young lady is a student of Benue State University studying chemistry.

A model, dancer and an activist, Queen Annie is currently an aspirant for the “FreeFreshFish (FFF) festival.

Anna Enai is a reigning queen on three occasions; Miss Swag Chemistry 2017, Miss Ideal Benue Humanity 2019, Most Beautiful Lady in Africa 2020.

She is a passionate model whose aims border on educating, creating and establishing platforms and seminars to support and promote the younger generations. .She has had several pet projects including visiting the orphanage, regular visits to schools to educate young women on care of cycles.

As an aspirant of FFF, she hopes to promote youth empowerment so that they can make meaningful living and decist from social vices. She plans to be coming up with such project during her campaign in the course of this contest. “So help me God, Amen.”, in her own words.

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