Ohafia Gospel Ministers Association

Ohafia Gospel Ministers Association visits displaced people in Amangwu, donates food

Celebsys on August 12, 2021 monitored donations of food items by Ohafia Gospel Ministers Association to families affected by the June 2021 alleged military attacks on Amangwu Ohafia residents in an attempt to fish our the so-called unknown gunmen.

While the extent of damage could not be ascertained at press time, the sad event left many members of the community displaced and homeless, as they had their homes and means of livelihood destroyed.

Ohafia Gospel Ministers Association rose to the challenge as part of the ministry of love of Christ which they have been called into, according to Archbishop Emeka Agwu (Texas, USA), a member.

Bishop Kalu Okigwe, the Secretary of the association’s Board of Trustees took the time to explain the motive behind the charity, “we were there to mourn with those that mourn and visit the needy just like Jesus commanded.”

Ohafia Gospel Ministers Association

“Jesus preached to feed the spirit and provided to feed the hungry.  We follow his footsteps, as His servants. This is an act of love.”

“God is love when you show love to others, you help them experience the love of Christ that brings salvation.”

Ohafia Gospel Ministers Association is an umbrella body of all gospels ministers who are indigenes of all Ohafia.

The visions Ohafia Gospel Ministers Association include:

1. To provide a forum for all OHAFIA ministers.

2. To pray for the salvation of the 26 villages of Ohafia.

3. To serve as fellowship and a network of all Ohafia indigenous ministers where iron sharpens iron and members are encouraged, supported, and empowered to fulfill their various ministries

4. To regularly hold evangelism, crusades, medical and humanitarian outreach from villager to village in Ohafia .

Reverend Mba IROHA, treasurer and outreach committee Chairman, disclosed to Celebsys that a total of 46 bags of 50kg were received by Ezeogo Nmecha Ugbu and the cabinet on behalf of the victims of the attack.

Bishop Jerry Eze, Director of missions and Legal Adviser, expressed hope of a possible second phase of the Amangwu outreach.

Archbishop Emeka Agwu (Texas, USA), Chairman board of trustees, threw his weight on the outreach, admonishing that ministers of the gospel should not just preach but show the love of Christ

The president of the association, Archbishop Prince Nnams Nmecha (Valencia Spain) reiterated that the association is committed reaching out to all villages in Ohafia with the gospel and with humanitarian outreach.

Contact: To identify with Ohafia Gospel Ministers Association or for any enquires, kindly follow this link https://chat.whatsapp.com/4eIAlhowkWi3m12qDbfGtn

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