Celebrity Birthday

Nadum Shalom slashes prices of her products to celebrate birthday!

Today is Shalom’s Birthday! Yipee!

Shalom is someone who cares so much about others in a way that makes her life so beautiful. She isn’t just beautiful, she makes the space around her beautiful too; she affects others and brings their best out of them. And she does it with ease. This is who she is. Shalom is a flower that makes others bloom!

A jovial person, see how she played with her name on a lighter note as regards her birthday: “In the book of Nadum chapter Shalom, verse Me, another 365 days of my life’s journey – a Plenipotentiary Queen in LEO SPECIALS has been written, and I’m indeed grateful to God Almighty who made this possible.”

She continued, “I wish myself more grace to my new age, divine supernatural increase in all ramifications. Above all, long life, gift of wisdom, and of knowledge from God are my wishes and prayer.”

Shalom’s dream has always been to be a great woman with a positive impact on her generation and serve the world at large with her God-given gifts and talents

She has these stunning photos of herself to share:

Shalom is a young lady of many parts. A few years back, she ventured into Bead making, founding Eeba’s Empire. Eeba’s Empire deals with Beddings, interior design, female footwear, fabrics, wrappers of all kinds, and lots more.
She has the vision of expanding her business and going multi-national.

Shalom is some who works hard toward a goal without giving up. She believes in being creative in what she does and is looking to incorporate fashion design and make-up artistry into her Eeba’ Empire.

Driven by her compassion for the downtrodden, Shalom would want to see more motherless baby homes springing up, even if it demands her to playing a leading a role.

If you need the best quality bed sheets and Duvets of all sizes, at the best price, Eeba’s Empire is your go-to place. You can send them a whatsapp message to place an order: +234 815 822 7899.

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