Wedding Anniversary

You’re a Perfect example of an ideal partner – Francess pours encomium on hubby at anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a celebration of the love, friendship, admiration, and commitment that have kept a couple’s sacred bond alive and healthy over the years. It is a time to reminisce about sweet memories of the past as couples reaffirm love for one another.

It was so today July 22, 2021, for Francess and her darling husband, Mr Chika who were celebrating both their wedding anniversary and the man’s birthday.

Frances, an amazing wife, took to her social media pages where she released their stunning images and showered touching and romantic praises on her husband.

In her own words,

“Our anniversary is not just a celebration of our wedding. It is celebration of every day of being married to an awesome guy like you. Meeting you is fate, becoming your friend is a choice, becoming your life partner is total blessing from above.

Thank you baby for your outpour of care and your unbridled love for me, thank you for making my happiness your priority.

You are a Perfect example of how an ideal partner should be, your commitment to us is top-notch, my man with a heart of GOLD. I’m glad we made it through thick and thin, our heads up, and still standing strong. This day many years ago you were born, I’m grateful to GOD for bringing you into this world to complete me, i will never trade this day for anything.

Here’s wishing us fruitful years ahead and forever to go. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU and a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to US my HEART BEAT.”

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